Outfits for your "Quaran-team"

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If you're staying in for your holiday this year in lieu of a trip to see family or friends, we're here for you! Safety comes first, but don't forget comfort too with our sweet lounge sets and beauty options.

Rails is the loungewear panacea. They just get it when it comes to durable, comfortable, flattering sets. We can't get enough! Pair our Grey Circle Tie Dye Theo Sweatshirt and Oakland Joggers with the Pillar Slipper in Grey. And here's the real kicker about these kicks... they have hard soles so you can wear them to take the dog out (or to the grocery for last minute cranberry sauce, we're not judging!) And don't forget a pair of eye gels, for only $3 everyone in the fam needs them (including the men!)

Another Rails classic... The Ramona Sweatshirt and Oakland Joggers in White Metallic Stripes. Can you say FESTIVE? Knock around in the Kate Snakeskin Sneakers and add a couple bangles for an all metallic look so you can feel a little fancy!

A TCB lounge edit wouldn't be complete with out our tried & true Perfect White Tee. The Dylan Long Sleeve feels like a designer piece without the designer price tag. Pair it with our PJ Salvage Modal Sleep Shorts and you're literally going to feel like a queen. Feeling a stress headache coming on? Destress and depuff with our stainless steel Ice Roller (again, every one needs one!)

Are you sick of hearing us rave about Rails? You won't be when you try on the Pink Circle Tie Dye set. A portion of proceeds go straight to breast cancer research so you can feel AND look good in them. The Mochi Slippers (also featuring indoor/outdoor soles) are the slide-ons dreams are made of!