A Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Guide

Casual Thanksgiving Outfits for 2020

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We assume most of our Thanksgivings are going to look a little more like jeans & a sweater than they will heels & dresses. But hey, let's make the most of it and flex our comfy casual muscles this year! We paired our favorite denim looks for you to make it super easy to roll up to Mom and Dad's with the perfect pie AND the perfect, practical outfit.

There's nothing we love more than an Olivaceous Sweater. Pair our Bubble Sleeve Sweater (also comes in Black) with our Bond Jeans in Bluffin for a VERY comfortable and chic look. Top it off with the Shep Booties and our Kodi Hat for a next-level 'fit!

Ombré has a special place in our hearts. And the subtle hues on our brand new Dip Dyed Sweater? The perfect combination! We can't recommend the Lennon High Rise Jeans enough. Our Kate Snakeskin Sneakers & Ana Coin Necklace will add just the right amount of shimmer and shine too!

Naturally, the Lennons had to make it in here twice. Throw on an equal parts trendy AND comfy Eva Cropped Sweater and our Gadol High Tops to look like the resident cool girl you already are at Thanksgiving Dinner. (P.S. Don't be scared of the word "Cropped" in the sweater! It hits just right with the Lennons for a natural looking waist without looking too bulky.)

Can we say it enough? We love Pistola! Try the Aline Skinnies (SO comfy, SERIOUSLY meant for Thanksgiving dinner!) with these two options...

The Harley Tee under our Act Natural Jacket is an elevated casual look you're sure to get more wear out of than just this week... Pair it with the Zonya High Tops and Round Bangles from Sheila Fajl and you're ready to go.

The Mustard Seed Sweater is meant for the Aline Skinnies and our BRAND NEW Huey Boots. Don't just take our word for it... Try them on yourself! We have a sneaking suspicion you won't be able to take them off.

And as a special treat, we have ONE MORE outfit guide coming for the "Quaranteam" Thanksgiving that is going to look a little more like sweatpants and tees! Stay tuned.