Ten Minute Tan

SKU: WR755


This rapid performance, zero odor tanning lotion allows you to shower just ten minutes after application (20 minutes for a deeper result). Develops into a natural, golden tan within 4 - 6hrs , with absolutely no risk of transfer. Matrixyl 3000 Peptide Complex plumps and conditions skin, reducing appearance of fine lines and stimulating collagen production. Vitamin C from Neroli, and Omega Oils from Rosehip lock in moisture for deep hydration and smoother, more radiant skin.


Apply generously to the skin in long circular motions, the caramel coloured lotion will disappear to nothing as you blend. Wait 10 minutes (or 20 for an even deeper result) and the Ten Minute Tan will deliver a nourishing skincare treatment. Rinse off in the shower and gently pat skin dry. Your natural tan will develop gradually over 4-6 hours.

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