Dry Brush



This wood and sisal bristle dry brush sloughs away dead skin cells for softer, more radiant skin. Featuring a cotton logo-printed strap and a reminder to take care imprinted into the wood, it’s a great addition to your clients' pre-shower rituals. 

What: A wood and sisal bristle dry brush.

Where: The Dry Brush can be used all over body. Never apply it on irritated skin, or on your face.

How: Always use the Dry Brush on dry skin. Start at your ankles, and work your way up towards your head. If you’re dry brushing your legs and arms, use long strokes moving upward towards your heart. For your stomach, chest, and back, use circular motions. For best results, follow with cleansing & nourishing All Body Wash in the shower.

When: Use gently twice per week until your skin adjusts. As you build tolerance, use with firmer pressure daily.

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