For the Mom Who Has It All

mothers day gift guide for the mom who has it all

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We all know that mom... the one where when it comes time to shop for her you just feel like “she already has everything.” We’ve put together a gift guide just for her to make sure she feels celebrated AND gets the best gift!

1. You know we had to do it. LAFCO diffusers & candles make the best gifts for the woman who has it all - they bring a subtle, fresh scent to any living space AND make beautiful decor.  Trust us, buy now thank us later!

2. The Key Largo slides make the perfect addition to any closet, even the fullest ones. They are simple, chic & perfect for travel since they don’t take up too much space. We LOVE the blushy tones and the uniqueness of the color makes it perfect for the mom who has it all - especially since they are a limited edition release with Jesse James Decker. (Plus, we made it easy on you. This brand only creates whole sizes so picking out her size is easy.)

3. Even if she already has some tech accessories, WOUF is the peak of luxury so she’ll appreciate the upgrade. Not only do they have the brightest, most unique prints, but they also offer top-notch device protection with a slim, lightweight profile that won’t weigh her work tote down. And an added bonus, these products are STRAIGHT from Spain, so no one will have the same patterns as her!

4. We’re ALL about the Pura Device this Mother’s Day season! It’s an innovative smart device with the most up-to-date technology for fragrancing your home. All she does is plug it in with her favorite scents locked & loaded (yes, it can hold more than one at once!), and uses the app from her smart phone to control the scent and strength and turn it on & off. She is going to love the ease of keeping her home welcoming and smelling fresh. The device comes with 2 of our fave scents, Chamomile Lavender & Champagne, but you can add additional refills separately here. Only the best of the best for Mom!

5. Gold jewelry is one of those things you might never be able to have enough of. Mom will love a pair of earrings like these from Tai Jewelry or any of our many layering necklaces because every time she wears them, she thinks of you! And rest assured, our jewelry is all 14k-18k gold plated nickel-free brass, so it’s tarnish resistant and durable.

6. Blume Superfood Latte powders make the best gift for the mom who has it all. They add something unique, healthy & tasty to her pantry. Each mixture has different benefits that she’ll be sure to appreciate, and might not have thought of to try on her own!