The Top 10 of 2021

We think we’re all pretty ready to leave 2020 behind and start afresh. Here are our top predictions for 2021 style trends!

1. Indoor-Outdoor Style

With at least a couple more months left in cold-weather-quarantine, we’re looking for staple pieces that we can wear when we’re lounging around AND when we leave the house. This is why we’re so excited to bring you lots of multipurpose lounge this season like the Lenora Sweatshirt (which is flying off the shelves!) 

2. Updated Tie Dye

Everyone went through their first tie dye phase, but we honestly think it’s ready to come back with a new vibe. Think out-of-the-box patterns & colors that prove you can’t ever have enough tie dye.

3. Year-Round Pastel

We are here for allll the pastel. Spring is coming so soon and with it we’ll see pastels everywhere, but we’re pretty into the Fall/Winter pastel too with sweaters like our Caroline Fuzzy Knit Sweater & Light Blue Knit Sweater.

4. Luxe PJs

With most of our WFH outfits entailing some sort of lounge, it’s important to have “day time” and “night time” looks. Upgrading your pajamas is the perfect way to set up for the transition off the clock on week nights. Snag on this Star Set (top, bottom) or you could try our Cosabella Bella Set that’s especially perfect for hot sleepers or any of our other luxe lounge sets. 

5. Easy to Style Blouses

For when you want to feel dressed up without putting a ton of thought into it. Layer a jacket over top this sweet floral blouse for Winter and then wear it alone in Spring!

6. Lug Sole Boots

Do we even have to explain how obsessed we are with the Huey Boots? We have just a few left and we can see why. The feminine silhouette paired with a slightly chunky lug sole makes them the perfect iteration of this trend. Keep your eyes out for more colors coming soon! (Update: They may or may not be available for Pre-Order... Click HERE!) 👀

7. Layers & Layers of Gold

Too much gold just isn’t a thing. Layer all of our amazing 14k jewelry, both dainty & chunky styles alike, if you want to add a little sparkle to your looks!

8. Flatform Sneakers

While we probably aren’t wearing heels nearly as much as we’re used to, we still want to get some height into our wardrobe. Flatform sneakers like the Tinley (pictured) or the Viro offer a flattering boost with contrast detailing. These are going to be a MAJOR hit this year!

9. Effortless Hats

There’s no easier way to dress up and outfit than with a hat. We’re so excited to have a full stock on the way for Spring that you guys are going to LOVE! Shop our current hat collection for our favorite picks (Colette pictured). 

10. Shoulder-y Tops

2021 is going to be all about the shoulder detail. Tuck this bodysuit into jeans and you are good to go for whatever dinner or small hangout you may have! 

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