Top Gifts for the Bath Lovers


gift guide for the bath lovers by traveling chic boutique

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A long, warm bath is the ultimate act of self-care this year. Give the gift of at-home luxury with our favorite bath accessories. Bundle them all or mix and match your favorites!

The kitsch Quick Drying Microfiber Hair Towel is perfect for stepping out of the bath and into their pajamas. It's a thoughtful gift she might not get herself. It makes the post-bath ritual easy and simple! 

Nash and Jones beauty tools are high-quality, beautiful and functional. Gift the Vegetable Scrub Loofah for an upgrade to your bestie's routine. Nash and Jones' Bamboo Soap Dish is another great bath tool - and it fits their cleansing bar perfectly!

We couldn't give you a gift guide for the bath lovers without mentioning French Girl. Their Sea Soaks are made with 6 salt varieties to soften skin, soothe aching muscles, and luxurious aromatherapy. Choose between Menthe or Rose fragrance! The Serenity Bath is a powder-based bath soak to moisturize and soften skin. If you cant decide which French Girl Product to go with the trio gift set is for you! Choose between the Sea Polish or Sea Soak set for the ultimate body and soak experience. 

No bath is complete without the flicker of a candle. Gift a LAFCO travel candle in your favorite fragrance to add just a little something extra to their routine for just $22. Upgrade the experience with of of their Classic 6.5 oz Candles in a beautifully hand blown glass jar. 

Spongellé was made for the bath lovers in your life. They are essentially high-grade loofahs with infused fragrance and moisturizing lotion. It will elevate their bath time experience with the soft scent French Lavender and nourishing, exfoliating sponge texture. The 5+ uses Spongettes ring up at the unbelievable price of $9, or you can give them a longer-lasting gift with the 14+ use Boxed Flower (plus, the flower already comes in a beautiful box!) Give the ultimate spa treatment with our mani / pedi Salted Rose Buffer

And for the grande finale, Buck Naked Bath Bombs are top-tier bath lovers gift-giving material. Hand-made, small-batch, all natural and vegan, these bath bombs are luxurious and really just smell amazing. Match your favorite bath bomb with one of our bars of soap! Need help picking a scent? Come in and get a TCB stylist's opinion... We all have our faves!

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